Best Denver Rooftop Bars | Restaurants Part 2

Added on by Chris Gebhart.

Part 2: here are 5 other fantastic examples of rooftop spaces, 4 in Denver and 1 in Boulder.  Aside from the rooftop of David Adjaye’s MCA, all are built upon existing buildings.  I’m very impressed by the recently completely ViewHouse restaurant/bar, which gutted and renovated an older building and added a huge rooftop space, along with an exterior space on the ground level which has a volleyball court!  In fact, there are 5 large unique spaces at this restaurant, all of which were really well designed.  The rooftop architecture is split in two: half with inside seating (and sliding floor to ceiling windows) and half a large sprawling urban terrace with huge views of downtown and nearby Coors Field.  The rooftop of the MCA is also very well executed, with glowing glass strips that let light down into the museum during the day and glow with interior light at night. All are great examples of utilizing the roof and creating memorable experiences from the architecture as well as the views. Listed are: Ignite! Denver, Vita, ViewHouse, MCA Denver, and the Rio in Boulder