Best Denver Rooftop Bars | Restaurants Part 1

Added on by Chris Gebhart.

Part 1: Here are five great rooftop restaurant/bars in downtown Denver.  Each clearly has it’s own identity and feel (sports bar, lounge, upscale restaurant etc.) but each takes advantage of the great views around town with the mountains juxtaposed in the background.  Architecturally most were added on an existing older building, which I believe is a great use of otherwise underutilized space.  For a city with such great weather, it’s a natural desire of most to take advantage of the outdoors.  In an urban environment, it’s not always possible to build out to create outdoor space.  By building up on an open rooftop, it’s possible to grab outdoor space that will make each establishment more desirable, attractive and memorable to patrons. These five are Ale House at Amato, Vita, GrooveTop, Linger, The Irish Rover: