Rooftop Architecture

Added on by Chris Gebhart.

Rooftop architecture can be one of the most exciting and unexpected highlights of a building. Spaces for gathering, such as this lounge shown, can make what would typically be an unsightly roof of tar or rubber, into a place for a occupant to the building to uniquely engage with the surrounding context (whether it be urban or natural). Activating the roof with life humanizes it’s scale from many perspectives.

Through this blog, RufDek | GebhartStudioArchitects will illustrate exciting, innovative and beautiful examples of how the roof is being utilized in creative ways that brings enormous return to the owners of the property. Dinner and drinks with a scenic view of the New York skyline; an evening movie on an Austin rooftop; a nighttime swim in a pool overlooking the Rocky Mountains.  These are some of the experiences one can have from rooftop architecture.